Welcome to Patchen.co.uk

Hello, my name is Patchen, and I've been producing Dance & Electronic Music since 2006.

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I also run SoundSnake Music Production Tutorials where you can learn to produce music with a computer - check it out! www.SoundSnake.co.uk.

Please note the tracks below are in reduced quality for streaming - free full quality downloads are available at SoundCloud.

Patchen - System Zero (Hard Trance, 2009)

Patchen feat. 20Q - Gettin' Thru [Explicit] (DnB, 2012)

Patchen - Ascend (Freeform Hardcore, 2012)

Ricky Martin - Livin' La Vida Loca [Patchen Remix] (DnB, 2012)

Patchen - Awaken (Trance, 2012)

Patchen feat. India Magson - Snowflakes 2011 (Liquid DnB / Drumstep, 2011)

Patchen - Drift (Liquid DnB, 2011)

Patchen - Tesseract (Electronic, 2011)

Patchen ft. MC Brown Sauce (The King) - The King's Orders (Jungle / DnB, 2011)

Patchen - Subconscious (Liquid DnB, 2011)

Patchen - Murphy's Law (Liquid DnB, 2011)

Patchen - Spiritless White Lies (Downtempo, 2011)

Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You [Patchen Remix] (UK Hardcore, 2011)

Patchen - Peace In The Void (Ambient, 2011)

Patchen - Winter Sky (Liquid DnB, 2011)

Patchen - Diminish (Liquid DnB, 2011)

Patchen - The Drum (Every Club In London) (US Garage House, 2010)

Patchen - Spring Plains (Liquid DnB, 2010)

Patchen - Numbers (Heavy Liquid DnB, 2010)

Patchen - Believe (Liquid DnB, 2009)

Contact / Legal Stuff

I always appreciate any comments/criticism from people about my music as it helps me improve. Get in touch by Facebook/YouTube/Soundcloud; I check all for messages frequently. I'm also always looking for people to work with/for, and I'm unsigned so labels are also welcome to contact me.

You can use the music for non-commercial, non-profit purposes providing you give credit fairly (eg. Patchen and Track title). Please promote my music - you are welcome to upload it to promotional channels. If you produce you are welcome to remix anything without asking, although it may be easier if you contact me so that I can give you some of the original files/samples. For other uses, please contact me.